Thursday, August 23, 2007

School pictures

Caleb and Hannah eating breakfast....they wanted to sit close together so they could talk about school.

Beau was more excited than anyone!!!!!

I love their uniforms, backsacks, and lunch boxes....I love all the school "stuff"

This is Caleb saving a seat for a friend....and he is freinds with these kids too! Hope he didn't have too much fun at this table!!

Hannah with her teacher

1st Day of School

At 6:55am I went into Caleb's room to wake him. He saw on his clock that it was not 7am yet, so he asked if he could sleep a bit more. I reminded him that it was his first day of school, and he jumped out of bed. He was so excited and so ready for school. Beau and I both agreed as we walked him into school, that we are so glad that we listened to the Lord on when to start Caleb in school. Walking Caleb into school today was such a confirmation that this was the right year and we had made the best decisions the last couple of years to keep him home.... When he got into his classroom he was allowed to pick out a seat...he was so excited and immediately tried to get his friend Ryan to sit by him. It was precious to see him so comfortable and excited...and honestly a bit bossy too.

At 6:56am I walked into Hannah's room...she was already a bit awake. I didn't say a word, and she immediately put her head into her pillow and started crying. This is unusual for her to wake up unhappy. I went to sit by her and comfort her....she just started repeatedly crying "I want to stay home." She obviously remembered that it was the first day of school, and she was a bit scared. Those were her last tears of the morning thankfully. She put on her game face and timidly entered her classroom. She only went a half day, and we have spent the afternoon together cooking. She is now in another room playing "preschool" and has asked me to leave...I am too big for preschool. Her stuffed animals and dolls are the right size and make great students.

Many have asked how I did since this is my first time having my kids in school. Honestly, it was easy...I am used to being away from them some thanks to great babysitters. What was most fun about my quiet morning was being home by myself and getting to listen to something grownup...

Monday, August 13, 2007


We had a gathering at our house last night for about 20-25 folks at Watermark who are in various stages of the adoption process (were adopted, have adopted, in process, foster parents, etc). It was a very encouraging night of fellowship as we were priveleged to see God's hand in so many lives in such unique ways. This was the first of what we hope to be many gatherings in our local body.

Our prayer is that we would be a group that helps people process what the Lord might have them do as it relates to adoption and more broadly caring for the "orphans and widows" of our day. We look forward to many celebrations (and of course some heartache along the way).

We have some friends that will be making a decision this week about adopting three older children, so we ask everyone to join us in prayer for clarity and peace for all involved in this process. We know the Lord's plan for these children was penned an eternity ago.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Waiting and praying

We are just waiting for our final CIS should be another month or so before we hear anything. Meantime we are continuing to prepare oursleves and Caleb and Hannah for the changes ahead. We are also continuing to pray over what else God would have us do for Ethiopia's can't turn away from the enormous needs in Africa once you learn the reality. Beau and I have such a heart for God's people there and are continually moved to "do more" I love this video here....I'm afraid I am a lot like these teenagers on many spoiled and not nearly thankful enough!

Teenage affluenza is spreading fast.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

When Love Takes You In - Steven Curtis Chapman

Since we don't have any fun pictures of us or future us to is a great video!


We went to get our fingerprints this morning. The office opened at 8AM. We got there about 20 minutes early, and we were the first in line. We were out by 8:15 or so...very quick. When we left, the line was much longer. One potential problem was that the letter had Natalie's maiden name on it, not her current name. Natalie had her SS card with her, and since it had part of her maiden name on it, they let her do it. We should have had her passport with us, which would have made it less complicated. Now we just wait for the CIS approval document. According to the letter we received from CIS a few weeks ago, it takes about 60 days to get the approval letter from this point. We will see.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Today we got the letter from CIS to go get our fingerprints. The office is open Tuesday through Saturday, so we hope to get in tomorrow morning for our fingerprints. If so, we should only be a few weeks away from CIS approval. Very exciting.