Sunday, October 18, 2009

Helping Orphans

There are two less orphans in this this video....Beck and Deshi are shown twice, look for their sweet dancing. And please look into your heart to see what YOU can do to help orphans still without families.

As for us....people are wondering how we are doing....when/if we will keep blogging....I never have been much of a writer....and life has been....well....very hard lately. And this current transition has been challenging.....90% beautiful and lovely but 10% very very exhaustingly hard....we are trying and learning and progressing and we are committed.....but it is physically and emotionally exhausting....I have told some that I felt very well trained and prepared for the expectations of adoption....but the one big surprise has been my own reaction....I expected myself to have more patience and grace than I have had over the last few months....I have learned a lot, including how to lean daily on the Lord who is the source of all grace and love. If this all sounds like one big mystery...I am sorry...maybe I will get back to blogging one day soon:)

Things really could not be any better....considering the huge transition we all are going through. We are so very thankful for all of our children, our family and the life the Lord has given us.