Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This was it!

**Disclaimer...we had been travelling and not sleeping for I don't know maybe 36+ hours so no judging the clothes, hair, or tired eyes on me:) And just as an FYI the man with the cool fashion is Travis who works for Gladney in Ethiopia....he's the great guy who brought us the babies!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Splash Park

Here are Beck and Deshi playing at their first splash park with their favorite Ethiopian twin friends, Glory and Josh:) They all had sooooo much fun!!!!! Thanks Christine for making this fun video!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Are those kids yours?

Last night we got the question..."Are those kids yours?" But it's not what you're thinking....

We were at Fuddruckers celebrating the Tuckers passing court (YEAH!!!!!!!!) We had finished eating our yummy dinner....and while the adults were visiting the kids were....ummmm.....running around wild and crazy:) The big kids were having fun with the twins.....and the twins are now comfortable enough with others to allow some freedom. While we were enjoying a little adult conversation.....we were definitely keeping a very close eye on all children of course:)

Well maybe we looked away just for a second....just a really quick moment.....

The manager comes over to our table and asks the question "are those kids yours?" as he points to our kids over by the soda machines.

"Well yes they are, sir"

"Well your kids are licking the ground and trying to eat ice off the ground"

And while everyone around us and the soda machine looks on in horror, Beau and I casually grab the twins....and then hand them to the Tuckers. Figure they needed the practice and we didn't want the judgement on us:)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Crazy Hard Stuff

I am way overdue for a blog post but things have been soooo crazy....good crazy mainly:) I am more exhausted than I have ever been....oh I so wanted to blog about Ethiopia....Everyone said it is indescribable and unforgettable. It truly is!!! The sights and sounds and smells stay with you after you leave....and make me want to return tomorrow! I can still hear the music playing in our neighborhood while we played in the yard, smell the food cooking, and coffee roasting (and deisel fumes) There is still a lot for me to process, a lot of hard things and different emotions. We are still lacking on sleep....so processing and dealing with heavy stuff will have to wait.

Obviously meeting the babies was the biggest, craziest, surreal moment of the trip. It was very very surreal to actually have that moment. Most of you know the amount of time we waited for a referral, then the time we waited to pass court to bring these babies home. Well in that moment all the time waiting seemed a distant memory....HONESTLY!!! And having given birth to two of my children (which was an amazing experience of course)....I have to say that the moment of having these two children placed in my arms was even crazy bigger! I kept asking myself if I was dreaming. To fly across the planet, to have two children entrusted into your care....it was so humbling and overwhelming. And I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!! I am truly confused on why more people don't adopt....we are called to care for God's children and there so much joy in that obedience. I know all of parenting (and life) is hard, but we are not called to an easy life:) I'm not going to lie....this is the hardest thing i have ever done....CRAZY HARD! But it is so awesome at the same time....and I really pray more people consider, pray and move to action on their thoughts about adoption because the blessings are so huge!!!!
While we are trying to keep this crazy life as simple as possible while we all adjust....we still spend "some" time in the car. Can I admit that I was so excited when the babies liked chicken nuggets on the go one day....helped this Mamma out....
Wish I could put into words how awesome it to see these children with their amazing father....having been cared for by only women their first 2 years of life....it is beyond huge to me to see them loved by their father. Deshi especially took her time (about 2 weeks) to let Beau love her and she just decided one day to accept his affection:) Now they are both CRAZY about Daddy!
Hannah and Deshi in traditional Ethiopian clothes. Hannah loves for them to match.
How did I ever get so lucky?
Hannah and "Kit" .....just love my Hannah!
Caleb on his last day of baseball:) So handsome:)