Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spirit of Uganda

Beau and I really have fallen in love with the many beautiful cultures in Africa. And while we want to continue teaching ourselves and our children about the great needs in areas of Africa, we also want to make sure that we celebrate the beauty of this continent and its amazing cultures.

Hannah and I went to see the "Spirit of Uganda" perform at Macy's yesterday. You will have to get over the irony that these orphans are dancing before the backdrop of $500 purses...and you need to accept the fact that this video does not begin to capture the VOLUME, energy, and passion we were blessed by yesterday!! Enjoy!!

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Carol said...

Natalie - you are so right! It is important to focus on the many wonderful things about Africa. Over the past year I've met so many wonderful people from several different African countries and they are all such dynamic people! It will benefit our kids as they grow to stay connected to others who share their proud heritage! Thanks for reminding us!