Thursday, September 11, 2008

They are walking!!!

We found out today that B and Y are officially walking. It was quite exciting news for us...but not without mixed emotions. We are missing them so much! We are thankful that they are doing so well....B has quite a little belly on him and Y has the most beautiful eyes. We wish we could post pictures of them...they are soooo cute!

Here are pics of our other walkers...Hannah (12 months) and Caleb (16 months) when they took their first steps.


Heather said...

Oh boy do I understand the mixed emotions, our little girl is pretty close to walking too. I bet B & Y are just beautiful!

I wonder if your twins and baby M are roommates? I hope so, I hope they are all playing together everyday!

Amber said...

You will have them soon and they will have many more special moments!

sparkz said...

Where are you at here?! It looks awesome!

Its awesome that they are walking.

Ellen said...

Aww - I know it is kinda sad to miss those first steps. I pray you are united with them soon. Your photos of your other little ones are just precious.