Friday, September 12, 2008

So much personality and beauty

Just what a Mommy needed to hear....

(Our friend
Kimberly is in Ethiopia picking up her beautiful children. She was so kind to take a package to our twins and send us this note)

we have seen B* and Y* several times and loved on them!! we took a bazillion pictures of them! and great video! they are a hoot! Y* seems a little shy at first and then all of a sudden she breaks out with these hilarious faces as if she is putting on a show! she is beyond beautiful! such a petite little girl with such a sweet but big personality! B* was a little more reserved and taking us all in. he would just watch us act silly and coo at him and every once in a while would give us a coy little smirk. their caregivers were absolutely wonderful! such sweet ladies and you can tell they truly adore and love all the babies but B* and Y* especially! they are well taken care of and they were very clean! when we first walked in Y* was sitting in a little baby seat on the floor and just smiling away! they picked her up and put her in the baby bay with B*. the caregivers started making a sound like a train (ch-ch-ch-ch) in a sing-songy way and immediately Y* started to dance and sway and bop her head around around while laughing. it was so cute, we all started laughing and then B* started to laugh as well! we were able to get a lot of great pictures of them, but i must say that the pictures you have of them and the ones we snapped, do not do your beautiful children justice at all! they have so much personality and beauty that cannot be captured on film or video!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

They are walking!!!

We found out today that B and Y are officially walking. It was quite exciting news for us...but not without mixed emotions. We are missing them so much! We are thankful that they are doing so well....B has quite a little belly on him and Y has the most beautiful eyes. We wish we could post pictures of them...they are soooo cute!

Here are pics of our other walkers...Hannah (12 months) and Caleb (16 months) when they took their first steps.