Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There are really no words to adequately describe the mixture of emotions and thoughts racing through my heart right now.

Some of our closest friends "met" their son yesterday....it is so unbelievably exciting, I am still in shock....he is soooooo cute and we are all so blessed to know him now! Go congratulate the Butlers if you haven't already and read about their awesome moment. And their newest son's journey so closely matches another dear friend's son's story.....their boys will get to be best buddies!!! I am AMAZED to see God's work and His love for these two very precious boys!

Look at the nations and watch -
and be utterly amazed.
For I am going to do something in your days
that you would not believe,
even if you were told. Habakkuk 1:5
So here comes the mixture of emotions and thoughts...the roller coaster well described by a much better blogger....we are so thrilled one moment....and sad the next....trusting and hoping....scared and frustrated. With our adoption things are quiet right now....no new news today....we had hoped to hear good news after the weekend.....news that might give us hope for the very slim possibility of passing court this week. We have court in 2 days....we still need 2 documents....we have neither....so today as I am praying (and trying to complete a very boring online defensive driving class)....but as I am praying:) I realize, yes, I need to let go of hoping that the slim chance will happen....I need to accept that we are 2 days away with nothing that we need. I need to let go and accept God's very confusing plan in this journey to bring our babies home....so today I am sad for us....still praying for a miracle and praying for peace....


The Albertsons said...

Sending you huge hugs and even bigger prayers. We love you very much.

coffeemom said...

I wish I had something to say to help. But, for what it's worth, I AM praying hard for you guys, and every day. and won't stop. hang on tight, and we are hanging on with you. Love M

Jen said...

I just really fell for you guys. You have had such grace. I am praying that you do get good news.

The Roberts Family said...

I'm sad for you too!!!!! :( Sending you tons of love, dear sister!! Oh how anxious I am to REJOICE WITH YOU!!! .... Lord, move mountains, please!! Much love, Shelly

emily said...

I too was praying for a miracle for your family this morning, pleading with the Lord to allow these last documents to get done, allow your precious family to pass court and travel to get your kids so soon!

Again, I'm so proud of the testimony you all have been. He has been glorified immensely in the way you have chosen to be authentic, real, and trust in these really hard, long days.

Love you guys.

Holli said...


Lori S said...

I am sad for you too! God wants us to trust Him, but He also gave us these emotions. I believe that it is ok to feel them. Then, hopefully peace will come.
I do pray for a miracle--for God to show how big He is and make this happen!
I'm glad you are rejoicing with others!