Sunday, April 05, 2009

Life in pictures

While we wait...and pray for a miracle....we live and enjoy each moment we are is a glimpse of what we have been up to lately.....

I surprised the kids (and Beau) with bunnies....Hannah is in love and carries them everywhere. The bunnies even joined us for story time tonight. Two bunnies...a Mommy and a Daddy...and we look forward to the "lessons" that these bunnies will bring...we hope to have free bunnies to give away in 4-5 months:)

We enjoyed a beautiful day at the arboretum with friends and beautiful is my favorite picture day of the year:)

And Caleb turned 7 a couple of weeks ago....we didn't really do the big party thing this year. But we had lots of fun celebrating him in many fun ways. For his birthday he wanted a Nintendo DS....we told him it was too expensive for us to buy but he was welcome to continue saving his money. Well he had been saving money for quite a while and after his birthday had over $100 and needed $25 more. This week he got a card in the mail from his Aunt Yvette and it had a $25 gift card in it. He did the math and started screaming and jumping up in down yelling "I get my DS" He got so excited that he started crying and fell to the ground. I have never seen him so excited....he learned a great lesson in saving money and delayed gratification. Now he needs a lesson in not playing his DS all day:)

Over spring break we got to spend a few days with some of our favorite buddies at their lake house with their kids, two of which are beautiful Ethiopian twins....

While at the lake house we also got to meet up the Baggetts...who have four beautiful children! Both of these families have met and loved on B and Y for it is surreal, priceless and kinda weird to give them hugs in person knowing they hugged our babies:)

Caleb loved their youngest son and had to have a picture with him:)

And we will continue to live life full of gratitude...just looking at these pictures my heart is full of thanksgiving.....and we will keep praying for miracles and peace....we will keep you posted:)
"LORD, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us." Isaiah 26:12


Amber said...

What a great update! Thanks for all the pic's too.
Still praying for your miracle!

Rebecca said...

Cute kids! And, I love the bunnies. I got one for Easter one year when I was little. I think it was my most favorite present ever.

Still praying!