Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lucy's Legacy

A true test of my sanity today....We traveled to the HMNS for the Lucy Legacy Exhibit. Lucy is the oldest fossil of human bones...over 3 million years old and found in Ethiopia. We found out that the bones we saw today are the "real" ones...the bones on display in Addis Ababa are replicas. The real bones have only been on public display in Ethiopia twice before and are usually locked away for safekeeping....or shipped to Texas. My kids were actually a bit frightened by the Lucy part of the exhibit. They were unsure of what to make of the human skeleton and the big "monkeys"....and we did have a BIG discussion of evolution vs creation ahead of time:) It was a wonderful exhibit of Ethiopian artifacts, beautiful, beautiful things!

The kids were also scared of the gigantic T-Rex and other dinosaur well as the hissing roaches and the "Goliath Tarantula" (in cages)...and the butterflies "swarming" them (not in cages so Hannah was screaming).

The best part of the day was a book talk by Jane Kurtz...a children's author who grew up in Ethiopia and has written many wonderful books about Ethiopia that our kids love! Her talk was so engaging for the kids and taught us a lot about life in Ethiopia. Look up her website Caleb and I have been brainstorming on what to bring to Ethiopia to give to the children in the orphanages we visit...our visit today makes me think about books being a great idea. They may be too heavy though??

This is Caleb with Jane Kurtz

They did like the balloon artist....but both lost their balloons. Hannah lost hers when she was dodging the "killer" butterflies:) and she was too scared to go back in the exhibit to retrieve it. Caleb lost his when Mommy popped the balloon sword because he wouldn't stop hitting his sister with it:)


tara said...

Haha! Those crazy killer butterflies- they'll get you every time!
We have so many of these same thought regarding our role in the fight against poverty in africa...I feel like God is moving in the hearts of lots of people right now regarding this issue...I guess all we can do now is pray- pray that he reveals what we are supposed to do!

Mommy said...

Try to find paperback versions of The Last Puppy by Frank Ashe. In case you don't remember it, it's a sort of special adoption story of its own.