Friday, September 14, 2007

New names

We obviously do not know the names of our future children....and we do not know if we will change their Ethiopian names to a more American name. We have explained that to our children each time the discussion comes up. But naming their future siblings is still a favorite topic of discussion for them. Last night Caleb said I would like to name my new brother Luke, and I thought...that is a nice one. It would fit with our "Biblical names" and I don't know any crazy Lukes that make that name a big NO. About 30 seconds later Caleb said "And if I get two new brothers I want to name the other one OB1." I just laughed...he has never seen Star Wars but is fascinated by it! Hannah chimes in after that, saying "Well if I get a big sister I will name her Rainbow" was a very serious suggestion. Hannah did not like me laughing about it! So we may have to stick to their Ethiopian names....we are not coming up with many good ones yet!


The Page Family said...

It was nice to meet you today! When people asked us what we were going to do about Kali's name, we just told them we had to wait and see what her given name was. We lucked out and loved it! But then, I waited until Carson was born to see what he looked like before we named him. I figured he would kind of let us know his name. Weird, huh?
Came home this afternoon to very sweet but sad letters from Genet and Yesalemush. Please keep those prayers coming.
Best of luck to you! I am sure we will meet again.

Laura said...

How funny that the kids want to name the baby names like Rainbow. :) I just found your blog today but I LOVE reading about other families adopting from Ethiopia. Looking forward to your referral.

Be Blessed!