Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Three loves, in no particular order on Monday

1. We love the LORD and are thankful that He loved us first.
2. We love our kids....ALL of them and we are anxious to have them all home with us!
3. We love LSU football....GEAUX Tigers! (Beau got to go the game...a once in a lifetime opportunity says he, yet he was there a few years ago and I'm sure hopes to be there again in years to come. Caleb and I watched it on TV with my grandmother...and Caleb followed every play and cheered a bunch!)


dleventhal said...

Who says you can't have several "once in a lifetime" opportunities?!?!


the albertsons said...

I agree with the first two... not so sure about LSU though :).
Hope yall hear SOON!

emily said...

Once again, Congrats to you Tigers fans! Not so sure Baylor or Texas Tech will be there anytime soon, so your friends will live vicariously through you:)