Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New pets

The kids started school last week. My camera somehow replaced their first day of school pictures with these weird graphics...I have no idea how that happened or what to do about it.

The only pictures that survived are these below...we have new pets. To explain the madness of more pest...we have the awesome school experience where the kids go to a part time school...they go 2 full days a week and I home school the remaining days. As part of our homeschooling this semester we are doing science and art projects. So these pets are more like "projects"...and the learning aspect gives me better motivation to clean fish tanks and hamster cages.

In the pet store Hannah insisted on getting something pink...thus the fish. But getting home she realized the hamster is way cooler and lots more fun...so she is rethinking the pink strategy. A few days ago I caught her walking toward the fish tank with the fish net in her hands. After approaching her she said, "Mom I'm just going to play with my fish" Well, duh! Great idea...fish love to be played with.

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