Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Solio Deo Gloria

***Updated with awesome news of some of our other favorite buddies....Go check out Jana and Michael...they got their referral after 7 long months of waiting!

We have met some amazing people along this adoption journey...God has been amazingly kind to us in the friendships He has brought us and the community He has created for all of our family!

Go check one of our favorite buddies...the Alexanders...who are in Ethiopia right now picking up their son. And as a plus for us all...they have a professional photographer traveling with them so the pictures are beautiful and a must see...


Carol said...

Those photos were STUNNING - no one should miss them! It was so good to see you and all the gang the other night! What a great group!

Lori S said...

It was good to 'watch' as the Alexanders traveled to finally get their new little one. What a blessing to be able to see other families joined together.