Sunday, October 12, 2008


Just 5 more days until court...hoping and praying that Friday brings good news!

So here is something fun while we wait....I've been tagged by Rebecca. Go check out her blog for starters....she is super cool and is waiting to bring home a boy.

7 random things about both of us...

1. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I grew up with wonderful memories of Christmas with my extended family, Christmas music always playing in our front room, and LOTS of decorations. As a family now with our own kids we love our own traditions...I have more fun with this holiday as a parent than I ever dreamed I could!

2. I have attended two universities...but only one with a real football team. Go Tigers!

3. Being tagged stresses me out...lots of pressure....which is perfect timing....I need the distraction!

4. In our H.S. I described my wife's strength in one phrase "She completes me"...quoting a movie...not expecting it to be in the real H.S. While completely true, I didn't expect it to make the final draft. If anyone wants to know the other funnies in the H.S....maybe we'll reveal them after Friday makes things final:) (For the record everything is true and accurate...yet most of you know it is weird and quite funny to read about your life in that way)

5. We love to go camping as a family. The kids love playing outside ALL DAY...and we love talks around the campfire at night! We like to really rough it....back up the minivan loaded up with all possible supplies, setting up a tent 10 feet from the van.

6. We both love to reads only Fiction, the other only non-Fiction....not hard to guess which one. Both our big kids love books too....and we sent books to B and Y already. Hope they end up loving books as much as all of us!

7. I love cheeses on/in anything. I hate all cheese. I love beer, specifically Shiner. I hate beer. I love pasta. I only eat pasta when forced. I love salads. I have eaten only one salad in my entire life. I like Coke. I love Coke. I love buffalo wings. I have been converted and also like them.

Since it is late we are only tagging 2 people...Brandy and Sarah.


Anonymous said...

Have been praying daily for you all. can't wait to see pictures of your new family. love the blog

emily said...

Praying for you- on the downhill stretch now. :)

Adoption Cubed said...

Sorry for the stress of the tag - but you did splendid! It was fun that you did it as a couple. It brought a smile to my face thinking about your little ones holding their gifted books!

Thinking about your family.