Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Friend Victor

I laughed really hard at dinner tonight. It was a lot of fun.

So we go to this joint called Victor's. Right when we sit down they bring me a tequila "complements of the house." When it is time to order drinks, I see the sign "Beer $1.20", so I realize tonight is a beer night, not a margarita night. So they bring my Pacifico Beer, and lo and behold, they bring a tequila with it. Apparently, the tequila comes with the $1.20 beer. So then we eat some killer food. I had fajitas, and they bring me a huge bowl of jalapenos to go with it. My kind of place.

Later the three piece band comes around - three gents in their late 60s or early 70s. When they start playing at our table, Caleb gets his swurve on. Next thing you know, one of the amigos gives Caleb the mariachis, and Caleb is part of the band. We have a blast with that for a while. Video to follow later.

A few minutes later, Victor, the owner, comes to visit us. He calls to the waiter "we need some tequila here." I ask him "why do we need tequila", and he responds "because my wife doesn't get here till 7pm." So of course, my view is "when in rome..."

Next thing you know they bring free ice cream for the kids and free pina coladas for the big kids. Even my well-behaved wife had her drink.

We were in a marina, and the kids ran off to feed the pigeons while we hung out and talked. All in all a great night after a really fun day.

Grateful I am not in a southern baptist church where this post would be treason,


solas4me said...

Beau, I believe we are indeed kindred spirits. Great post.

Justin Darling

David Leventhal said...

This post mentioned four of my favorite things - beer, tequila, pina coladas & fajitas.

What a great evening! Can't wait to catch up when you get home.


Amy B. said...

So glad to hear that you guys have had a chance to relax. Cheers!


emily said...

This post makes me really happy.

Sarah Tucker said...

So glad you guys are having a good time!