Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Less than a week ago, I had a very weird dream. One part of the dream included me giving up Coke. Any of you that know me, know that I have given this drink up many, many times before...for many different reasons. Well in my dream I gave up coke until THE document is signed, sealed, and delivered. It was a very weird dream and I woke up questioning the sanity of such a crazy up coke, my happy drink during a very tiring, emotional time??? Sounded crazy. But I decided to go for it. It has been 6 days and I am so wanting a coke. Just a sip or two would be fine. I am such an addict. I know. I am trying here. Each time I want a coke, I pray....pray for this document, for B and Y, and for all the other children waiting to come home.

Some others are praying today....join us and pray these babies home.

And one of the cutest babies to pray for....well I can't share his picture or fun....but go let the Tuckers know that you are praying for them too. Trust me....he is so so stinkin' cute!


Rebecca said...

I think I'm going to give up my Diet Coke for you! That is my drink of choice :) That way, when I think about it, I'll stop and pray your babies home. They need to come home. They need their momma.

emily said...

From one fellow Coke addict to another- know we are praying, have been praying and will continue to pray until those cute Fournet babies are home.

Did you get a headache?

coffeemom said...

So what is it about Coke?? My brother and I both have this issue, I finally had to switch to Diet COke due to blood sugar issues, but bro and I joke it is like "monkey on our back", realizing how addictive it is. No pepsi, Coke. Can't give it up tho, even the diet version. I am, however, praying for you all daily.

PRaying praying praying. M

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

It has been two years since I've drank either Coke or Pepsi and I don't miss them at all!

The first month or two was easy, but then the months to follow up to month eight, I had to put the will power aside and lean on the fruit of the spirit---self control.

Yes, I went through headache withdrawals and I could actually "smell" Coke and Pepsi during the day.

That was two years ago, the thoughts of Coke and Pepsi enters my mind, but the desire to want to drink it doesn't.

I'm praying for your babies also!