Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Day 4: Brief Update

Hey friends of the Fournets! Did not get to talk with Beau today, but got an email from one of his co-workers that he did talk with today with a little information.

One point mentioned was that they were able to get pictures and videos of some of the kids of other waiting families (probably a few of you who follow along). Based on our travels last month, this probably means they spent some time at the Gladney Foster Care center today and got to hang out with the kids there and some of the workers.

They also spent time with Peter Abera of Children's HopeChest that I mentioned yesterday. They visited the Ethiopia Children's Home with Peter and were able to purchase school supplies for about 90 children, which is such a blessing, more to the giver, I think, than to the kids, but obviously great for the kiddos. They also were able to discuss other ways to bless some other orphans in Ethiopia that CHC is involved with and provide a meal for one particular orphanage in the countryside.

The only other thing the email said was that everyone was doing well. I shared yesterday about Deshi being attached to Natalie and crying whenever she left the room. I remembered later the sweetest part of that which is that Deshi is specifically crying, "Mommy!" at Natalie, which I know is just music to her ears (at least for now).

Tomorrow they will spend the morning with the Gladney families at the foster centers, enjoy the coffee ceremony there, and then after lunch head with the other families to the U.S. Embassy for their appointment to get Beck and Deshi's visas. They won't actually get the visas until Friday, but tomorrow is when they do the interview. Pray that all goes smoothly, that their wait time is short (it can take a few hours sometimes depending on how many are there that day), and that there are no hiccups in the process at this point. Should hear something around lunchtime tomorrow in regards to that, so I'll update as soon as I can. Thanks for following along! I know they appreciate your prayers.


emily said...

Sweet music to this mothers ears- so happy they are having a good trip. Thanks again for the updates, I hang on every word. :)

vincegiordano said...

This is great to hear. The team at CHC is praying for the Fournet's and we are excited to hear about what they have been able to do in Ethiopia.
Keep the updates coming...
Vince - CHC Director of Outreach and Partner Relations

Kat said...

Praying for the embassy appointment to go off without a hitch!