Sunday, July 19, 2009


Beau here. Over the last few months I have been wrestling through how best to remain plugged in with serving orphans in Ethiopia. This is important to me as part of our adoption of Beck, Deshi, and [God willing] some more in the future.

As I have prayed about this, the Lord graciously exposed me to The Kidmia Foundation, which is an organization some of you may already be aware of. It was started by a small group of folks, including Scott Brown over at Gladney. It's Executive Director is a great guy I have gotten to know over the last two years, Matt Brost, whose wife if also over at Gladney.

So Kidmia's vision is to find Christian families in Ethiopia to adopt children locally in Ethiopia. This is a relatively new concept in Ethiopia, the idea of taking in a child as your own who is not related to you. And when you see the vast number of orphans in Ethiopia and the fact that only a couple thousand per year will be adopted internationally, you can understand why it is important to grow adoptions locally to care for all these sweet kids in Ethiopia. So that is what Kidmia is committed to doing for the glory of God. They have largely built the infrastructure of their first campus in Gunchire, Ethiopia, about four hours southwest of Addis, in the region of the Gurage (aka Guragie) ethnic group. I got to visit the campus on July 5 of this year, and I have included some pictures for you. They currently have about 23 children on the campus, which includes three that have arrived in the past month. I got to play with them for a few hours which was a lot of fun.

I am excited and humbled to say that last Friday I accepted an invitation to join the Board of Kidmia, something I look forward to pouring countless hours into in the years to come.

If you would like to support Kidmia, there are a few ways to do so. First, you can pray for God to raise up families in Gunchire to adopt these children. Second, you can visit when you visit Ethiopia. We have some sweet friends in Addis who would love to bring you to Kidmia and share the story with you. There are also some neat things you can bring with you for the kids. Third, you can join the Facebook group to get updates, pictures, etc. Fourth, you can contribute financially, either at the Kidmia website or by sponsoring me on someone else in their annual golf tournament fundraiser.

If you have more questions about Kidmia, please don't hesitate to ask!

Kidmia 1

Kidmia 2

Kidmia 4

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Kidmia 6

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Kari said...

I love this post!! We would be honored to follow along and learn more about Kidmia. Orphanages are a precious gift to our children, but their dream is to have a home.. there's no place like home!!! How exciting that ET families are reaching out to their own children who desperately need a mommy & daddy. Keep us updated!!!