Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Beau here. So nine days into being home, we are slowly learning the little things that bring us relief...I mean joy to our sweet new kids. So here are the things I am grateful God made.

1. Berbere. The Ethiopian spice. If Beck and Deshi don't like the food, we throw this on, and they all of a sudden like it a bit more.

2. Child Bike Trailer. Beck and Deshi love a ride on the back of daddy's bike...which also give my sweet bride a little rest.

3. Rice. When the kids won't eat anything else, they are always up for rice. And Deshi loves feeding the floor with some of her rice.

4. Swimming Pool. Beck and Deshi love our swimming pool, especially Beck. He loves to throw himself underwater. When we are not up for the pool, we hand him the hose in the backyard, and he goes to town spraying himself.

5. Cowboy burgers. My Texas friends have likely had the cowboy burgers from Central Market. Nice and spicy, full of spices, japalenos, and sausage. I smothered one with onions (and salt lick sauce) tonight, and Beck and Deshi went to town. Yes, they are certainly my kids!

6. Crib Tent. So when it came time for the kids first nap in our house, Nat put them down and went to the living room for a touch of rest. Next thing you know Deshi is coming to her...yep, we have a climber. A click or two on Amazon...problem solved. When it came in the mail today, Caleb said "mom, that means I get to see you at bedtime."

7. Salt Lick BBQ Sauce. My Austin friends know what I am talking about. We buy the spicy kind. Tonight I learned Beck and Deshi like it on their onion smothers burgers...and in their rice.

8. Shopping at Central Market. My Texas friends know what I am talking about. This is Disney World for feed addicts...like me. We put the kids in a grocery cart Sunday and strolled the store...trying every free sample in the store...learning new foods Beck and Deshi like...including sole sole fish sauteed in a sweet sauce.

That's it for now. I am sure we will learn more of God's creations this week...


Abundantly Blessed said...

Hello Beau and Nat. Your children are beautiful. I'm also adopting through Gladney. My birthday was yesterday and I received an unexpected birthday present...from YOU!! I received an unexpected email yesterday from Jessica with pictures of my soon to be daughter attached!!!! I found out that you two had taken the pics on your recent trip. I can't thank you enough. I'm guessing you took pics of many children and were on an emotional "high," but if you happen to remember anything specific about her, I'd love to hear about it. My blog is www.allofgodschildren.blogspot.com. Again, thank you sooo much. I'm not allowed to post her name right now, so I'm referring to her as R.

Lynda said...

Hello. Saw that you recently adopted from Ethiopia through Gladney and think you are from our area. My husband and I returned home from Ethiopia with our beautiful 2 yr. old son in June. We live in the Richardson area and would love to connect with other families around us.
Lynda Russell