Thursday, July 09, 2009

Latest Update: Embassy Appointment and more

Just got a phone call from Beau today and things continue to go great for them there. He said that the Embassy appointment went off without a hitch and that they were the first family in line, which means that they didn't have to sit in the waiting area very long at all.

Beck and Deshi continue to do great and attach more and more everyday. A couple of stories here . . . Occasionally, you will have a Gladney caregiver come over to watch the kids while you go out for an appointment, an outing, etc. because you are not allowed to take the kids out in public except for a few specific occasions. Beau said that when the caregiver came over yesterday, that Deshi bit the caregiver because she didn't want to leave Natalie. Perhaps her actions were misguided, but her heart is definitely in the right place.

As for Beck, Beau took him over to the Gladney home where he was able to meet Beck's "best friend," a little girl. He said they played together and that Beau got some pictures and video for her adoptive family that he'll be able to give them when he gets back. As they were leaving, Beck said, "Ciao! Going to America!" and proceeded to try to get the little girl to come with them. Very cool. I'm sure the Fournets will do what they can to keep these two in touch back home.

They were just about to put the kids to bed and then head off to "Fasikah", a restaurant that does traditional Ethiopian food along with cultural music and dancing. This is a very cool experience.

They should get the visas tomorrow and then be ready to head home on Saturday. Continue to keep them in your prayers and I'll update as I get information. Thanks for following along!


emily said...

Praising the Lord for smooth travels so far.

Love the Deshi story- good sign indeed though I'm sure the caregiver felt differently.

Sam said...

OH do you know who that little girl was???? I think my baby had the crib (box/cubicle whatever) next to him...I wonder if it was her????

Lindsey said...

So excited that everything is going great. Can't wait to see pics.

Tom Davis said...

Wow! Sounds like God's straightening out the crooked places. So happy for them.