Monday, July 06, 2009

Report from Day 3: Fun in Gunchire

Wes again . . .

The Fournets are doing great. Beau, Caleb, and Suzanne made it back to Addis after their trip to Gunchire and spending time with the kiddos at Kidmia. Sounds like it was a great trip. He said on the way there, they were crammed into some sort of SUV with a few other folks and then picked up two pregnant sheep that they were delivering to Kidmia. And of course that means that the sheep rode, you guessed it, in the SUV with them. It was a little difficult to hear Beau, but if I heard right, it didn't sound like the sheep waited for the pit stops before using the restroom. Always an adventure. He said they had a great time playing with the monkeys in Gunchire, and that at one time Caleb was surrounded by 20 monkeys climbing all over him. What a memory!

As for the rest of the family, Beau said they are doing great. He said that Deshi is officially attached at the hip to Natalie and that if Natalie leaves her for a second she goes crazy! That's really a great answer to prayer. He said that Beck will go to anyone and that he's eating like a horse. They've also gotten to meet some of the other families who are there to pick up their kiddos. The next few days will probably be full of time spent with these families, so pray for their time with these new friends as well.

He said that tomorrow, they are planning to hang out with my friend, Peter, who is the country director for the Ethiopia program of Children's HopeChest, and getting to visit some of the orphanages where they are involved. Peter is a great guy and the work that CHC does in connecting churches to the needs of orphans is awesome. You can learn more about them at

You can be praying for their embassy appointment on Wednesday, which will be their final hurdle to clear before bringing the kids home. Shouldn't be an issue, but a matter for prayer nonetheless.

Should have more for you tomorrow. Thanks for following our friends!


Anonymous said...

So awesome!!! cant' wait to see you guys :)

emily said...

Love these- thanks for keeping us updated.

Kari said...

Fournet Family... sweet Emily introduced us to you and your amazing blog!!! Love reading your updates and can't wait to see pics of your time in Ethiopia. We adopted a precious girl from Ethiopia, so our bonds run deep!
Can't wait to hear about day 4!!